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My Silver Wish

Menopause Support Healing Crystal Chips Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet

Menopause Support Healing Crystal Chips Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet

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Hand-made to order in UK... really!

All My Silver Wish stacking bracelets and ring stacks are designed by me, Hannah, and lovingly assembled from scratch every time you make a purchase. 

Some jewellery makers claim their products are handmade, but sadly that can mean they have been handmade in a far off land by someone who earns pennies for their unique skills. They are then shipped to the UK and can, strictly speaking, be sold as 'handmade'.

When you purchase from My Silver Wish you have my guarantee that your piece of jewellery has been assembled just days before, truly handmade in the UK. It takes a little time to create your beautiful stacking bracelet or ring in this way so it can take up to 5 working days before its dispatched.

Bracelet size guide

Not sure which bracelet length to select?

No problem, the easiest way is to use a flexible measuring tape from a sewing kit, but alternatively:

  • Use a piece of ribbon or cut out a strip of paper to the size of a wristband
  • Place the ribbon / paper around comfortably around your wrist - not too loose or tight
  • Mark your size with a pen on the ribbon / paper
  • Straighten out the ribbon / paper and use a ruler to measure your wrist size.

Remember, I use professional grade elastic in my jewellery so the bracelet will reliably stretch over your hand without distorting with normal use.

Made with 925 Sterling Silver

I always use 925 sterling silver in my jewellery.

There are of course cheaper silver plated alternatives out there (check out my tips for spotting fake silver), which would reduce the costs of my designs, but I am committed to creating quality jewellery that will last.

I offer tips to keep your silver jewellery in good condition, because I want your bracelets and rings to stay tip top condition so you can enjoy them for years to come.

This beautiful ladies 925 sterling silver healing crystal stacking bracelet is handmade with a blend of 3mm, 4mm and 6mm 925 sterling silver round beads, 925 sterling silver curved pipe beads and amethyst, tiger's eye, citrine and rose quartz healing crystal chip beads, threaded onto stretch elastic. 

This stunning stackable bracelet for her includes four carefully chosen healing crystals that when combined are thought to provide emotional and physical support for women impacted by the menopause.


Thought to calm the mind and soul, amethyst crystals can tackle some of the emotions associated with menopause such as irritability, low mood and anxiety.

Tiger's Eye

A healing stone associated with inner strength, tiger's eye helps balance the mind, restoring organisation to it's owner and leaving its owner with a positive mindset.


A wonderful healing crystal to boost self esteem, citrine is also known as a healing stone, used to alleviate symptoms of physical and mental conditions such as anxiety and low mood as well as stomach aches.

Rose Quartz

A crystal for self love, rose quartz can help its owner to respect and take care of themselves during times of low mood and anxiety. Rose quartz is thought to help encourage positive emotions in the darkest of times.

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