About My Silver Wish

Bringing a smile to people's faces gets me up every day!

When I first started My Silver Wish, I wanted to create special, unique and inspiring jewellery and provide the very best in customer service. By combining all of this together, my hope is that the results are beautiful 925 sterling silver charm stacking bracelets and rings which bring smiles to your faces: making your wishes come true!

Before founding My Silver Wish I spent many years working in customer service and educational settings, where other people decided how I should treat their customers and provide their products and services. One of the most important things I learned in these jobs was that you've got to look after your customers. It's so important to listen to them and receive their feedback with an open mind, to build a relationship with your customers that lasts.

Your feedback isn't just important, its what makes My Silver Wish happen

My My Silver Wish is an online business, but that doesn't stop me reaching out to people who like what I do on social media, or quickly responding to customer enquiries and special requests. It's those connections and conversations that make My Silver Wish so special for me. Your questions, feedback and stories bring your wishes and desires to life for me. They inspire me to design ever more exciting bracelets and rings based on what's important to you, my customers.

All jewellery is hand-made, to order by me, in the UK - mine are very busy hands!

A bit about the quality of my work. I always use 925 sterling silver in my jewellery. There are of course cheaper silver plated alternatives out there (check out my tips for spotting fake silver), which would reduce the costs of my designs, but I am committed to creating quality jewellery that will last. I offer a jewellery repair service in the unlikely event that something goes wrong and I offer tips to keep your silver jewellery in good condition, because I want your bracelets and rings in tip top condition and enjoy them for years to come.

So who am I?

I have to be honest, I hate talking about myself! I'm just like so many of you, I'm an ever so busy mum and wife. Until recently, I was a working mum who felt like I couldn't give my everything to my family and work. So, I made the big leap and started my own business and can quite honestly say it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made! Yes, it's really hard work. Yes, I didn't realise how much I needed to learn, and quickly. But, my life has changed for the better, I have (a little) more time to be with my kids as they grow up, and your feedback alone makes me realise I made the right decision.


Meet the team

Hannah Parkinson - Founder of My Little Wish Jewellery
Hannah Parkinson
Founder / Owner
My Silver Wish
Chief Bracelet Model - Phoebe Parkinson
Miss P Parkinson
Chief Bracelet Model
My Silver Wish