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Malachite & Obsidian healing stones for personal growth & transformation

Malachite & Obsidian healing stones for personal growth & transformation

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This healing crystal duo are said to encourage positivity, motivation and creativity in its owner to enhance personal growth and transformation.

The stunning green malachite stone is known to release emotional blockages, freeing up the owner to positively embrace the next steps in their life journey. Combined with this stunning black stone, the owner can utilise obsidian’s protective and grounding properties to grow and transform with confidence.

Get the most from the healing energies of this crystal duo by keeping them close by, in a pocket or bag, or next to your bed whilst sleeping.

The green malachite stone and black obsidian stones are packaged in an organza bag, accompanied with a link to a page explaining the detailed properties of these stones from a healing and metaphysical perspective.

Note: the healing properties of these stones are based on traditional beliefs and practices and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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