Introducing My Silver Wish

I’m excited to announce that I changed my business’ name from My Little Wish Jewellery to My Silver Wish in August 2020. This page sets out the reasons for the change to help you find me next time you want to buy 925 sterling silver charm stacking bracelets and rings.

Why are we rebranding to My Silver Wish?

I want to distinguish myself from similar businesses with similar names, to avoid any confusion between me and them.

The new name more closely aligns with our business, I design and create 925 sterling silver charm stacking bracelets and rings. I want to focus My Silver Wish on what I do well, designing and creating 925 sterling silver charm stacking bracelets and rings, hand-made and created to order, to make your wishes come true!

What is changing with the rebrand to My Silver Wish?

The business name

Our business name will be changing from My Little Wish Jewellery to simply My Silver Wish.

The website’s name

Your can now reach my website at 

My email address

You can now reach me at 

My branding

All of my bracelets and rings will continue to be gift-boxed, but the name on the boxes has changed to My Silver Wish. Likewise, I’ll adopt my new logo and business name on business cards, emails, social media accounts and everywhere else you’d expect to see me.

My Silver Wish logo

My business logo

There’s no huge changes here! Following a vote on my Facebook page early in 2020, I’ll be keeping the logo my followers chose, so I’m only changing the name.

What is staying the same at My Silver Wish?

Pretty much everything! It’s still me, Hannah, and I’m continuing to design and hand-make your beautiful silver wishes. I’m always coming up with exciting new bracelet and ring designs, but I’ll continue to sell your favourites.

I’ll still be using the best possible materials and will always use only 925 sterling silver. 

My prices won’t be changing, I will continue to price my bracelets and rings based on the cost to create and send them to you. I will continue to dispatch as quickly as possible after I receive your order and postage to anywhere in the UK will remain free.

Our business address remains the same:

Office 1 - Care of MLWJ, 

Champions Storage, 

Arrowe Brook Road, 




CH49 0AB 

What happens if I need to return an item bought from My Little Wish Jewellery

Don’t worry, the name is changing but our values and customer will stay the same at My Silver Wish. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss a purchase you can continue to Contact My Silver Wish. Our refunds policy: and terms and conditions remain the same and will cover purchases made at My Little Wish Jewellery or My Silver Wish in accordance with these policies.

Any questions or concerns?

Simply contact me as always.