Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas for her 2022

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Valentine’s Day jewellery gift for that special someone this February, then this article is for you! I’ve combined data from top searches on Google relating to Valentine’s Day presents for her, alongside buying trends at for sterling silver stacking bracelets, rings, earrings and gift sets. The result is the ultimate guide to buying romantic gifts for ladies and girls this February 14th. 

Who should you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for?

Let’s start with who Valentine’s Day gifts are mostly bought for. Perhaps surprisingly, Valentine’s gifts for girlfriends are by far the most popular. Whether it's teenage boys looking for presents for their teen girlfriends, or dating adults, it seems that Valentine’s Day gifts are most popular for people in new relationships. Gifts for daughters are also in demand, suggesting Mums and Dads are on the lookout for gift ideas at this time of year for their special girls. Next come gifts from husbands for their wife as well as Valentine’s presents for Mum from the kids. Romantic Valentine’s gifts for fiancée’s are also favoured.

Best Top 6 jewellery gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022

I’ve combined research from trends in Google searches and purchases from the Valentine's Day Collection at My Silver Wish to compile the top 6 jewellery gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022.

My research suggests silver jewellery is a more popular Valentine’s gift choice that gold jewellery. It’s also no surprise that people are looking for affordable and cheaper Valentine’s Day presents after the Christmas spending spree.

No. 6: Silver Bracelets

When it comes to affordable luxury gifts, look no further than a silver bracelet for Valentine’s Day. Heart charm stacking bracelets are a firm favourite for Valentine’s Day at My Silver Wish and our Infinity Heart charm bracelet is extremely popular at this time of year. Whilst our rose quartz puff heart charm bracelets are a firm favourite from our Girl's charm bracelet collection for any Mums and Dads searching for a beautiful Valentine's gift for their daughter.

Puff heart charm rose quartz sterling silver women's stacking bracelet by My Silver Wish

No. 5: Watches

It’s no surprise that a watch is a popular present for Valentine’s Day. Time is eternal and if you’re buying for the love of your life, then your love for her is eternal too!

No. 4: Silver Rings

Silver rings are hugely popular small Valentine’s Day gifts for ladies and girls alike. Fortunately, silver rings are often a highly affordable gift option for Valentine’s Day. Our Rose Quartz healing crystal and sterling silver rings at My Silver Wish are in hot demand at this time of year and our every ring in our sterling silver stacking ring collection comes with a free gift box and the option to add a free hand-written message card.

Heart charm red carnelian and sterling silver stacking ring by My Silver Wish

No. 3 Jewellery Gift Sets

There’s no easier way to purchase jewellery for Valentine’s Day than in a gift set that’s packaged beautifully and ready to give to the special women or girl in your life. That’s why we’ve created some exquisite stacking bracelet and earring, and stacking bracelet and ring gift sets at My Silver Wish. Each gift set comes with a gift box and optional hand-written message card.

No. 2 Earrings

Sparkly Sterling Silver Stud Earrings are an amazing and cost effective Valentine’s Day gift and it’s no wonder they are the second favourite gift for ladies through to teen girls. Dainty and eye-catching, earrings are the little Valentine’s present that shouts luxury! At My Silver Wish, our Heart Stud Earrings and Angel Wing Stud Earrings are especially sought-after in February in our Earring Collection

Heart charm women's sterling silver stud earrings and stacking bracelet gift set by My Silver Wish

No.1 Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery, especially bracelets and necklaces, are the most popular jewellery gifts for Valentine’s Day. There’s no better way to express love for another than to give a piece of jewellery with a unique message that is personal to your special recipient. Personalised stacking bracelets are one of our most popular collections at My Silver Wish that can be customised to include the recipients name of a personal message of love.

Personalised heart charm women's sterling silver stacking bracelet
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