Top 5 Mother's Day Jewellery Gift Ideas 2024

Mother’s Day is just around the corner in the UK. This year Mothering Sunday falls on 10 March 2024, but people’s interest in this day of appreciation for our beloved Mums, started back in January 2024. In this blog post, I’ve reviewed Google searches and purchases at My Silver Wish to reveal the trending jewellery gifts for Mother’s Day 2024. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day present ideas for your Mum or Grandma, Mother in Law or Great Grandma, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Mother’s Day?

According to Wikipedia, Mothering Sunday actually evolved from a Mediaeval Christian event called Mid-Lent Sunday or Refreshment Sunday and it falls roughly halfway between the beginning of Lent - Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day in my house!) and Easter. It’s celebrated as a short break from fasting at the heart of Lent. It’s also a day when Christian’s visit their Mother Church, the church where they were baptised. 

That leads us nicely onto a big question around this time of year: when is Mother’s Day? Since Mothering Sunday falls midway between Pancake Day and Easter, it constantly changes each year, for instance:

  • Mother’s Day 2023 is Sunday 19 March
  • Mother’s Day 2024 is Sunday 10 March
  • Mother’s Day 2025 is Sunday 30 March

Fast forward to 1913 and two women: Anna Jarvis and Constance Penswick Smith looked to establish Mothering Sunday as a way of honouring the role of motherhood in the UK and the British Commonwealth. Constance wrote a series of books spelling out just how important mums are in our lives. Her books were very successful and by the mid 20th Century Mother’s Day had become a permanent fixture on the gifting calendar.

Top 5 most popular jewellery gifts for Mother’s Day UK 2024.

5. Mother’s Day Jewellery from Pets

Mother’s Day gifts from pet dogs or cats for Mum are increasingly popular both for Mummy’s who adore their furry / fluffy loved ones as well as gifts for those of us without children as a celebration of the love and dedication we have for our beloved pets.

Pet paw sterling silver necklace by My Silver Wish
From £26 - Pet paw sterling silver necklace

Owners of French Bulldog’s are particularly keen to celebrate Mother’s Day with our cute friends. Equally, dog’s are super keen to share Mother’s Day gifts with their Grandma’s! Let’s not forget cat loving mum’s who are just as eager to receive a unique Mother’s Day gift from their feline friends.

I have a beautiful range of animal charm sterling silver bracelets and jewellery at My Silver Wish and my dog paw charm stacking bracelets are a must for a Happy Doggy Mother’s Day.

4. Mother’s Day jewellery for mums to be

I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day when my handsome son was born, it was such a special significant moment in my life. A Mum’s 1st Mother’s Day is a huge milestone and really does require a special gift that will last. So many people are looking for ideas for a first Mother’s Day gift and jewellery is a firm favourite.

Baby Girl Footprint Charm Sterling Silver Stacker Bracelet by My Silver Wish
From £26 - Baby Girl Footprint Charm Sterling Silver Stacker Bracelet

It’s an equally special Mother’s Day for Nanny too, especially the first Mother’s Day when a Mum becomes a Grandma. What’s more, so many Mums to Be announce their pregnancy to their own mummy’s on Mother’s Day - what an amazing gift for your Mum! And if a Mum to be could be dashing to the Maternity Ward around March, a Mother’s Day gift from The Bump is an absolute must!

My sterling silver stackable bracelets and rings for Mum and Mum’s to be are always incredibly popular all year round and many of my beautiful hand-made designs feature in my Mother’s Day Collection each year.

3. Mother’s Day jewellery from daughters

Daughter’s buy more Mother’s Day gifts than anyone: an important moment in the year to celebrate your unique bond and friendship with your Mum. Daughter’s are always looking for unique gifts for their Mums and handmade jewellery is a must as it can last a lifetime.

Mother Daughter Friends Forever Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet by My Silver Wish

From £36 - Mother Daughter Friends Forever Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet

My Mother’s Day Collection includes a number of luxury handmade sterling silver bracelets and necklaces featuring quotes and messages relating to the unique relationship between Mother and Daughter.

2. Mother’s Day necklaces

Necklaces are the most sought after Mother’s Day jewellery gifts in 2024. That’s no surprise as necklaces are such a popular gift and can be worn by women on any occasion.

Infinity heart charm sterling silver necklace by My Silver Wish

From £27 - Infinity Heart Charm Sterling Silver Necklace

With necklaces at the top of the list for Mother’s Day jewellery ideas, I have a stunning range of sterling silver necklaces featuring a range of popular charms used in my handmade in the UK stacking jewellery designs, including those with heart felt and inspirational mother’s day quotes and messages.

1.Mother’s Day Jewellery containing quotes and messages

Gifts that include special and meaningful messages and quotes are the number one most popular way to express your love for your mum, mummy, nanny or grandma on Mother’s Day in 2024. 

Everyone is looking for a unique way to say I love you on Mother’s Day and gifts that include short uplifting quotes are a firm favourite this year. Cute Mother’s Day quotes are always popular as well as inspirational sayings that express your gratitude for your mum. 

Family is a Circle of Strength and Love Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet by My Silver Wish

From £30 - Family is a circle of strength and love bracelet

Sadly, Mother’s Day can be a time to fondly remember the Mums who are no longer with us. Quotes that appear to come from heaven, and mention bible verses are sometimes sought at these emotional moments to remember a mum who is no longer here to celebrate Mother’s Day but may be close and with us always.

Mother’s Day gifts to friends are very popular this year, a really wonderful way to let your BFF know that they really are an amazing mum to their children, even during the most challenging times. Again, friends of mums are looking for the perfect message for a friend on Mother’s Day.

Many of my sterling silver stacking jewellery and necklaces include meaningful messages that capture exactly what you’re trying to express, and I’ve included many of these in my Mother’s Day Collection this year. 

Every purchase from My Silver Wish is gift boxed and includes free UK delivery. I also offer an option for you to share your own message to the recipient, which I hand-write onto a message card and include in the gift box for free.

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