Top 10 Best Charm Bracelets 2024

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a girlfriend or family member, then stacking bracelets with charms are a classic popular choice. To help you buy the perfect gift, I have been updating the top 10 most popular trending stackable bracelets since 2022, based on searches on Google as well as visits and purchases of women’s 925 sterling silver stacked bracelets at

Beautiful and classy, stacker bracelets continue to be a trendy jewellery choice for women, teens, girls and children. The best stack bracelets are handmade by a skilled designer who creates unique, inspirational, good quality bracelets and rings using real sterling silver (not silver plated: here’s how to tell the difference). 

These beautiful bracelets are happiest in a stack of at least 3 and the lucky owners love to add more bracelets to their stack collection. They're 100% guaranteed to be an ideal gift, because any friend already wearing a bracelet stack will always be grateful receive another as a gift from you!

10. Girl’s Bracelet Stacks

Teenage girl’s buy so many stackable bracelets! Stack bracelets are the essential gift for teens this year and it’s clear that it’s teenagers who are wearing charm bracelets in 2024.

Parents of teen girls regularly buy bracelet stacks for graduation gifts, to celebrate their daughter passing exams or driving tests and for graduation ball accessories. Charm bracelets are of course popular for a daughter’s birthday, particularly 18th birthday gifts.

Stacker bracelets that match a teen’s tattoo pictures are particularly popular this year. Bracelets that match a teen’s zodiac sign or birthstone are also popular gifts. Old school and vintage charm bracelets are popular amongst teenagers with the current trend towards 80s and 90s in fashion. Daisy charms and snake charms are also trending this year.

My Girl’s stacking bracelet collection at My Silver Wish features a range of on-trend bracelet stacks and rings stacks for teenage girls, available in a range of sizes to cater for girl’s small wrists.

9. Star Charm stackable bracelets

Star charm stackable bracelets have always featured as a top seller at My Silver Wish and are particularly popular as gifts around Christmas. Jewellery featuring stars are incredibly versatile and that's why they are so popular. Whether you're buying to recognise someone's star qualities, or purchasing for a friend who adores astrology and horoscopes, stars are iconic symbols that never go out of fashion.

I love designing stacker bracelets with a moon and star combination and they seem to work so well when matched to any other charm so I often use them as part of a stack of three bracelet gift set.

Good Friends are like Stars Silver Stacking Bracelet

From £34 - Friends are like stars silver stacking bracelet

8. Christmas charm stackable bracelets

Any woman or girl with a bracelet stacker collection will expect a new addition to their stack at Christmas. Each year, I can’t wait to recreate my magical Christmas Stacking Bracelet collection at My Silver Wish and this year is no exception! Christmas themed charm bracelets with snowflakes and robins are always a firm favourite in December.

Other popular Christmas charm bracelets themes include stacking charm bracelet gift sets for her, charm bracelets with extra sparkly beads and jewellery with warm winter colours. Charm bracelets incorporating red and green Swarovski beads are always on trend at Christmas and are perfect Christmas party accessories.

7. Good luck charm stack bracelets

An ideal and affordable gift to show someone you're right behind them, supporting them to pass an exam or driving test, good luck charm stacking bracelets are also a popular choice at My Silver Wish.

I offer a free service to add a hand written message in the gift box, so I know that my good luck charm stacking bracelet are often given to offer encouragement for women starting new jobs and girls starting new schools or Universities.

6. Stacking charm bracelets for children and babies

Stacking charm bracelets have always been a popular choice for a newborn baby girl and that’s why I have recently launched a Children’s Stacking Bracelet collection at My Silver Wish. These cute kid’s bracelet stacks are popular with Grandparents looking for a unique gift for a little girl’s birthday or Christening.

Quality is important for people buying for children, and customers are glad to confirm that My Silver Wish bracelets are handmade using real genuine 925 sterling silver.

Kids love these charm bracelets specially designed for small wrists using strong elastic to fit toddlers and youths alike. Charm bracelets including a child’s birthstone are popular choices, as well as charm bear bracelets and angel charms.

5. Charm bracelets for Mum

No doubt about it, Mom’s love charm bracelets! My Stackable Bracelets for Mums Collection at My Silver Wish are super popular around Mother’s Day (Sunday 10 March 2024), but they are also a great choice for birthdays as well as a gift to simply thank your mum for helping you out.

Mothers Love is Like No Other Silver Stacking Bracelet
From £31 - Mothers Love Stackable Bracelet


My wonderful customers also frequently purchase charm bracelets for Grandma or Nan, Auntie, wife and sisters, often accompanied with a free hand-written message, available for free as part of my service.

4. Healing Crystal Gemstone bracelets

Stacking bracelets designed with gemstones and crystals, believed to have healing and spiritual properties are best sellers at My Silver Wish. My ever growing, vibrant healing crystal bracelet collection includes designs incorporating rose quartz, amethyst and carnelian beads. Each stackable bracelet comes with a free crystal healing stone or rock and a card summarising the unique healing properties of the crystals used in the design.

Amethyst heart charm healing crystal bracelet
From £27 - Amethyst heart charm healing crystal bracelet

The most popular healing crystal stones and metals used in stackable bracelets are copper; to help with arthritis, opal and pearl which are favourite birthstones in charm bracelets and magnetic healing bracelets which are thought to help blood circulation.

Healing crystal bracelets to help reduce memory loss are a particular trend right now and jewellery containing black tourmaline and citrine are thought to be helpful here. I’ve recently designed a healing crystal charm bracelet using sodalite, rose quartz, malachite and black tourmaline which is known to ease anxiety and stress. I’ve also created a healing crystal bracelet using sterling silver and gemstones representing each of the chakra points in the human body to aid meditation.

3. Heart charm stacking bracelets 

So popular all year round, heart charm stack bracelets are a Valentine's Day must-have! A timeless gift that will be loved and admired for years, heart charm bracelets are classically purchased as a symbol of love, friendship and to demonstrate a timeless connection with its owner.

Heart charms come is so many shapes, sizes and styles that I've made a heart charm collection at My Silver Wish. I particularly like heart charms combined with the infinity symbol to represent ever last love for another. Heart charms also combine well with rose quartz crystals, a devine pink healing crystal which connect with the heart chakra.

Heart charm silver stacking bracelet

From £25 - heart charm sterling silver stacking bracelet


2. Harry Potter charm stack bracelets

It’s more than twenty years since JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter books and two decades later Harry Potter Charm bracelets are in incredible demand. Particularly popular at halloween, related jewellery includes snake, skull, owl and lightning charm bracelets.

The Halloween Charm Bracelet collection at My Silver Wish includes a stunning range of spooky themed jewellery including cat, hamsa hand and moon charm bracelets.

Movie and TV franchise related charm bracelets are in hot demand right now. Disney Princess and Marvel charm bracelets are very popular in 2021, particularly Beauty and the Beast bracelets. Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets are on trend too and old school charm bracelets are in demand following the popularity of the Netflix show Stranger Things.

1. Friendship charm stacker bracelets

There’s no question that silver stack bracelets are ideal gifts for friends to celebrate your unique relationship with best friends. I’ve compiled a beautiful range of friendship themed stackable bracelets at My Silver Wish, featuring charms with special meaning, which perfectly capture just how much your friendship means to you.

Friends Forever charm silver stacking bracelet by My Silver Wish
From £27 - Friends Forever Silver Stacker Bracelet

I have designed bracelets stacks to spell how proud you are of your BFF, simply to let them know you care, or to wish them luck. Let’s not forget those besties in your family too. Friendship charm bracelets for Mums, daughters and sisters are also popular choices.

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