Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother’s Day 2023 is just around the corner in the UK. This year Mothering Sunday falls on 19 March 2023, but people’s interest in this day of appreciation for our beloved Mums, started back in January 2023. In this blog post, I’ve reviewed Google searches and purchases at My Silver Wish to reveal the trending gifts for Mother’s Day 2023.

Facts about Mother’s Day. 

According to Wikipedia, Mothering Sunday actually evolved from a Medieval Christian event called Mid-Lent Sunday or Refreshment Sunday and it falls roughly halfway between the beginning of Lent - Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day in my house!) and Easter. It’s celebrated as a short break from fasting at the heart of Lent. It’s also a day when Christian’s visit their Mother Church, the church where they were baptised. 

That leads us nicely onto a big question around this time of year: when is Mother’s Day? Since Mothering Sunday falls midway between Pancake Day and Easter, it constantly changes each year, for instance:

  • Mother’s Day 2022 is Sunday 27 March
  • Mother’s Day 2023 is Sunday 19 March
  • Mother’s Day 2024 is Sunday 10 March

Fast forward to 1913 and two women: Anna Jarvis and Constance Penswick Smith looked to establish Mothering Sunday as a way of honouring the role of motherhood in the UK and the British Commonwealth. Constance wrote a series of books spelling out just how important mums are in our lives. Her books were very successful and by the mid 20th Century Mother’s Day had become a permanent fixture on the gifting calendar.

Top 4 most popular gifts for Mother’s Day 2023

4. Flowers for Mothering Sunday

Ranging from a bunch of daffodils or tulips to a full floral bouquet, flowers are always a firm favourite for Mother’s Day. They are also a really easy gift for children to choose and buy for mummy the day before. If you’re planning ahead and looking for a unique floral gift that will last longer than a week, take a look at my Lily Flower Charm Silver Stacking Bracelet. And, just in an accompanying set of silver stud lily flower earrings

Lily flower silver stud earrings by My Silver Wish

3. Mother’s Day meal, made for Mum

Another really easy Mother’s Day gift for kids to get involved in, is to make lunch or dinner for Mum on Mothering Sunday. Popular choices are a homemade Sunday Roast with all the trimmings (my personal fave!). Alternatively, try a booking at Mum’s favourite local restaurant, cafe or pub to treat mom to a meal with no washing up afterwards. If you know that food is not the way to your mum’s heart, then why not consider one of my handmade heart charm stacking bracelets?

Two hearts entwined charm silver stacking bracelet by My Silver Wish

2. Mother’s Day afternoon event or outing

There’s nothing I love more on Mothering Sunday than to stay in bed and have a lie in, with a cup of coffee and a slice of toast prepared for me by my children around 10am (or later ideally!). That’s an easy job for Dad and the kids, but its clear from Google’s search trends that the decision about what to do next is altogether much trickier. Luckily, there’s no end of options for an exciting afternoon event to entertain mum on her special day. If it’s wet outside, a trip to the cinema is a firm favorite, but if it’s a beautiful Spring day then a visit to a local park or beach can both give mum a break and give the kids some time in the fresh air.

For me, it’s really important to spend some time with my own mum and extended family. Mother’s Day is about saying thank you to all of the important hard working women in our lives, including Grandmas, Nans, Aunties and Godmothers. That’s why the My Silver Wish Mother’s Day Collection includes some beautiful personalised stacking bracelets, designed for all the important Mums in our lives.

"This Nan belongs to" charm silver stacking bracelet by My Silver Wish

1. Mother’s Day Gift Hampers

Hamper’s are the most popular choice of gift for Mother’s Day and there’s a huge range and choice of options available: chocolate hampers, afternoon tea hampers, wine and Prosecco themed hampers to name a few! Hampers typically cost over £50, are easy to order and come gift boxed and ready to enjoy! If you’re looking for something different this year and prefer your gifts to last more than a day then look no further! At My Silver Wish I’ve created a unique range of silver stacking jewellery gift sets including bracelets, rings and earrings that are sure you put a big smile on Mum’s face this Mother’s Day!

Heart charms silver stacking bracelet and stud earring set by My Silver Wish
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