Jewellery trends 2022: Big. Bright. Bold.

When you're a busy working mum like me, its so difficult to keep up with the latest fashion and jewellery trends. But, as a designer of silver stacking bracelets at My Silver Wish its important for me to ensure my latest creations not only look stunning on your wrists and fingers, but also compliment your threads when you're out and about. That's why I keenly follow the latest trends and recommendations from some of the world's most prestigious fashion magazines... and I'm going to share some of my findings with you now!

Vogue Jewellery Trends 2022 - electric colours and playfulness 

Nothing quite says fashion like Vogue, and Vogue's observations on 2022 jewellery trends point to bold colours like turquoise, purples and reds, and playful charms such as hearts and smiley faces as key themes for jewellery this year. Its all about a shift away from the old rules and traditions and instead wearing what makes you happy!

Dog Paw Charm Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet for her

What's more, Vogue highlights a trend towards jewellery with meaning, bracelets, rings and necklaces that tell your story and tell the observer who you are, whether its your birthstone, your zodiac sign or your initials.

Malachite healing crystal & sterling silver women's stacking bracelet

Harper's Bazaar Best Jewellery Trends 2022 - Bold and chunky!

HB's amazing article on autumn winter jewellery trends 2022 predicts the current trend for the chunky 'Neck Mess' is evolving with colourful chunky bracelets and rings hitting the spotlight this season. The Harper Bazaar article goes on to forecast flowers and animals as key themes in jewellery this winter, especially butterflies.

Elephant Charm Women's Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet

The article also showcases a number of top jewellery designers all revealing bold statements in their bracelet and ring designs in playful pinks and extra large beads.

Tigers Eye Gemstone & Sterling Silver Beads Women's Stacking Bracelet

Cosmopolitan's Jewelry trends 2022 - making a statement

Cosmo's 2022 jewellery trends makes it clear from the start: 'It's Go Bold... or Go Home!'. Apologies if you love gold, according to Cosmopolitan its all about silver jewellery this year. Once again, its flowers and floral designs that are exciting jewellery lovers this autumn, the bigger and bolder the better.

Silver Tree Charm & Amethyst Healing Crystal Women's Stacking Bracelet

The trend towards natural materials is also growing according to Cosmo, with the use of bold yet natural stones such as bright red and orange carnelian, earthy yellow tiger's eye and powerful pink rose quartz. 

Citrine healing crystal & sterling silver women's stacking bracelet

And finally, that old favourite of the 80s and 90s, the hoop returns! Again, there's a big bold and colourful twist.

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