14 questions answered about Amethyst healing crystals

Everything in nature has its own subtle, vibrant energy which can be harnessed to aid in healing the mind and body. Amethyst is the stone for clarity and calming the mind.  It promotes understanding and can help decision making and balancing emotions.

My Amethyst jewellery collection is a key staple of the My Silver Wish Healing crystal collection. Incorporating Amethyst beads into my 925 sterling silver charm bracelets and rings not only adds a pop of colour to my classic designs, but also improves the overall health and wellbeing of those wearing it.

In this post, I've unearthed the secrets of amethyst healing stones, to answer some of the most popular questions about this beautiful purple crystal.

What is amethyst?

This might seem a dull question, but there's more to amethyst than being one of the most well known healing crystals. Amethyst is actually a purple/lilac quartz, it's a semi-precious stone and naturally forms in 6-sided prism shapes.

What does amethyst look like?

Amethyst has a glassy look and is usually see-through (transparent) or semi-transparent. It's purple / violet colour comes from a natural process called irradiation as well as the quartz mixing with other substances such as iron and other metals. Some amethyst can be red or blue in colour. Like all quartz, amethyst is tough and not soft, making it ideal for jewellery making.

What are the properties of amethyst?

Amethyst has a long history of helping people in a number of ways. These purple quartz gems are worn to protect people, quiet the mind and help improve the amethyst owner's health and overall well-being, particularly:

  • supporting the immune system
  • promoting improved skin
  • helping digestive system
  • reducing pain, such as headaches
  • regulating hormones
  • relieving stress and anxiety

Who does Amethyst benefit?

Whilst there is no scientific proof of the benefits of amethyst, it is thought that this highly revered purple quartz stone can be beneficial to people suffering from stress, anxiety and insomnia. What's more amethyst is believed to help with spiritual growth as well as supporting the owner with decisiveness.

Hamsa Hand Charm Amethyst and Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet by My Silver Wish

What are the healing properties of Amethyst?

People often believe amethyst stone hold significant spiritual vibration and protective properties. Its thought amethyst can help its owner to maintain and optimise physical and emotional well-being and calming properties. This semi-precious stone is also thought to help its owner sleep and even support the emotional and physical healing process.

What are the spiritual properties of Amethyst?

Many societies have long believed in amethyst's significant metaphysical abilities to support clarity of mind, a sense of peace and spiritual development. Others are convinced of its ability to optimise ones personal intuition, empathy and psychic growth. This purple crystal is thought to be the ideal partner for those looking for positivity and abundance and reducing the effects of addition.

History of Amethyst

This mighty healing stone has been attractive to humans for centuries across the globe!

Long considered one of the cardinal stones by the ancients, amethyst was one of five gemstones considered precious above all others.

Known as methysko by the Ancient Greeks, amethyst's meaning came from the word intoxicate because it was believed to protect its wearer from drunkenness - so perhaps an ideal stone to take out on a night out!

Amethyst is a sacred crystal for Tibetan Buddhists who made prayer beads from the purple stones.

European Medieval royalty considered amethyst particularly precious and prized the purple quartz which adorned their clothing and regalia.

Amethyst is found all over the world, and the stones used in jewellery are most likely to have been found in South America, particularly Brazil, with some of the finest amethyst coming from Russia.

What birthstone is associated with Amethyst?

With its regal purple hues and magical and spiritual qualities, amethyst is a perfect gift for friends and family members with birthdays in the month of February. Amethyst's rich purple tones are a beautiful contrast to sterling silver, which is why its such a popular choice amongst my Crystal Healing Collection at My Silver Wish.

Amethyst is associated with the astrological star sign Pisces, symbolised as a fish and a sign for people who's birthday falls between 19 February and 20 March each year. Those born under Pisces benefit from Amethyst's calming and balancing abilities, particularly useful for this emotional group of people. 

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Stacking Ring by My Silver Wish

Which Chakra is associated with Amethyst?

Amethyst is most often associated with the Crown Chakra and sometimes the Third Eye Chakra. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and is believed to be the most associated with spirituality and connection to the universe. Amethyst is believed to help its owner ignite spirituality and link your physical body to the light of the universe,

How do I cleanse or charge Amethyst?

Here's a few of the most popular ways to cleanse amethyst:

  • To cleanse and recharge, place your amethyst in moonlight, particularly during full moons for a few hours. It's also nice to let your crystal warm in sunlight afterwards, for just a few hours.
  • Placing amethyst in running water or sea water for a few minutes is thought to remove negative energy from your crystal.
  • Purify your amethyst with a sage smoke smudging ceremony.
  • Placing your amethyst close to selenite and clear quartz is thought to cleanse your healing stone of built up emotion after use.

Is amethyst affected by sunlight?

Amethyst can fade in colour with over-exposure to light and sunlight. It's also sensitive to heating.

Is there an ideal place to display your amethyst in your home?

It's always best to display your divine amethyst stone where your instincts guide you to in your home. It's often kept in bedrooms as many believe it aides sleep and reduces insomnia. Likewise its calming properties mean its ideally situated wherever you meditate in your home.

Where to wear amethyst on your body?

You should always allow your intuition to guide you as to where to wear amethyst on your body as a necklace, bracelet or ring. As amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra at the top of your head, many people like to wear this stone near the head as a necklace.

Can you wear amethyst with other healing crystals? 

 Amethyst compliments a wide range of other healing crystals, but in particular its believed that the following combinations generate greater balance and harmony in its wearer:

  • Amethyst and Citrine
  • Amethyst and Tigers Eye
  • Amethyst and Turquoise

In contrast, some believe its not a good idea to wear amethyst with copper or with the colour red.

Amethyst and sterling silver stacking bracelet by My Silver Wish
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