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Women's sterling silver medical identification ID alert tag stacking elastic charm bracelets engraved and personalised to identify all health med conditions: diabetes, allergies, medications, in case of emergency ICE numbers.

I'm on a mission to make medical emergency health band bracelets and wristband's cool, trendy and fashionable. We want you to love wearing a beautiful custom piece of hand made My Silver Wish jewellery on your wrist, whilst also being able to warn and make paramedics aware of your medical health condition in an emergency.

I can also design and create unique bespoke custom made 925 sterling silver medical ID tag charm bracelets to order, such as for children. Just contact My Silver Wish and let me know what you'd like and I'll do by best to help.

You may also be interested in my wide range of 925 sterling silver charm bracelets, and make your med ID bracelet part of a stack! 

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